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IGN: Baobab
By Baobab » about 1 year ago



It is strictly prohibited:

Access to a user account that does not belong to you.
The use of any type of modification of the client of Minecraft (hacks, tricks, xray, packs of texture ..) that gives advantages, yes the Optifine is allowed.
To ignore the indications of the staff, as well as to call it in an unnecessary way, as well as to try to blackmail it or obtain from them advantages.
Take advantage of bugs or errors of the game, the server or the market to benefit in any significant way.
Use a user name, faction or title that is insulting, inappropriate or likely to cause confusion.
Do not respect other players and / or verbally assault them.
The use of capitals in the chat as well as the spam of emoticons, characters or others.
Advertising or advertisement of other game servers or web pages in order to make SPAM.
Lying or deceiving an administrator in any way.
Use more than one account per person.
Disconnect in combat
Abusing rookie users, killing them repeatedly with the sole aim of annoying them.
Accuse other players or staff members without providing evidence.
Possessing objects not corresponding to a normal user (barriers, op objects ...)


Use farms, orchards or mob-farms systems that seriously affect the economy or stability of the server.
Build in the boundaries of official zones.
Place / home or teleport within enemy zones or outside houses.
Make constructions that are deeply annoying to the eye or offensive. And especially the floating houses, which are illegal.
Build on the edges of the map, or on the roof of the nether.
Make exp farms with more than 5 spawners put together.
Forgery of official objects.


Obstacle the streets with cars, boats. You can not leave any items in them.
Attempted homicide towards a user.

These standards, which must be read, will be automatically applied.
Ignorance of these does not justify their non-compliance.
The administration reserves the right to change them without prior notice and to take the measures it deems necessary in case of non-compliance.